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My #BeBetter2018 List

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I’m so excited to share my #BEBETTER2018 list!

These are my personal top 8 things I will be focusing on this year. I want all of you to make your own list. Share them on social with the hashtag or even email it to me! Just put it out there somehow!

I want this to be much more than the typical resolutions. Those fail. I want these to be things you feel are missing from your life. Things that you think would make you happier. Make them happen.

We’re going to really work towards all of these throughout the year. Focus on them and and make these a priority. Since I’ve started I’ve been pretty consistent with 4 of mine. It’ll take time to incorporate the rest and get consistent with all of them. But remember something is always better than nothing


  1. Having a realistic budget & not overspending

This one is probably my biggest struggle. Before I started “adulting” I was great with my money. Now that I have rent, auto insurance, utilities, etc plus entertainment and eating out expenses it has been hard to not just blindly put it all on my credit card. I really want to go back to saving most of my income and only spending money on things that matter and make my life better.  Be on the lookout for all my financial posts.


  1. Exercise regularly

About 4 years ago I was a pro at getting it done. I would consistently exercise, stretch, and eat well. Definitely the healthiest I’ve ever been and I finally looked and felt like the version of me I had always envisioned. I fell off the wagon 2 years ago when my life got crazy and I haven’t been able to get back on. Since starting this last month though I have been going to the gym or Cyclebar at least 3 times a week. I’m pretty proud of myself!


  1. Stretch/yoga regularly

This kind of fits in with above but stretching and yoga are different than cardio or weight lifting. I really wanted to emphasize that I intend to do both. I haven’t been stretching much yet but I think the few minutes I do once a week have really made a difference. Stretching is so good for everyone. I’m looking forward to sharing my favorite stretches with you!


  1. Eat healthy

Again, ties in to 2 and 3 but is it’s own thing! I am big on eating organic with no additives and preservatives. When I fell off that wagon I fell hard and starting eating things I never thought I would again. Like Maruchen Ramen. Literally no nutrition in those but they’re so good. Why?? Don’t get me wrong, I’m all about balance but eating junk food every day is not a balanced diet. I have already been working on this and have seen a huge difference in my energy, mood, and appearance. I can’t wait to share more of my health hacks with you


  1. Clean/Declutter my apartment and car

I have heard that your space reflects your head so many times. I truly believe that because I remember my space being so clean and tidy when I was at my healthiest and most stable. Then as soon as my life got hectic my living spaces became so messy and cluttered. It is hard to get rid of things. Especially if there is an emotional attachment but I think it is so important if you want to be a productive human. Also so you can fully appreciate the items you do own and see everyday instead of being overwhelmed by all of them.


  1. Skin care

Ahhhh I’ve never been great at skin care and I want to be so bad! A huge problem for me is all the conflicting information out there on what you should be doing. As a woman, I want other girls/ladies/women to know that it is okay to care about your appearance and the future of your skin! As long as you acknowledge that you are beautiful always and that your skin care regimen is part of a self care routine. NOT trying to change yourself because you don’t like yourself. I think that is where the line gets tricky for a lot of girls. I’ve been down that thought track too. It is why I have to work harder to care for my skin today because as a youngster I thought caring how you looked meant not loving yourself. Definitely will be sharing more on that soon.


  1. Relax – no phone/computer

I have three jobs and lots of interests and friends so it is hard for me to get myself to slow down. Plus, two of those jobs require that I be on my phone or computer the majority of the time. So that is why I am making myself relax and making sure I get an actual break from work. It can be really hard but I have definitely seen an improvement in my productivity when I take a moment to rest and decompress.


  1. Read -no phone/computer

I used to LOVE to read as a child. Well, I still love to read but I always feel like I don’t have time. I keep hearing people say you don’t have time, you make time. Well touche. So true. Therefore, I am making time to read in 2018 and I want to write reviews on the books I read too. Maybe even read a book together?


Okay, now your turn! Comment here, email me, or post on instagram about your #BeBetter2018 list and make sure to tag @girlmeetslex so I can see it! I really appreciate you wanting to see my list and I hope it inspired you in some way.

Until next time,



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