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Holiday Q&A

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I’m so excited to be part of this blogger holiday Q&A. I think blog loops are my favorite because multiple bloggers get together to support each other and share their thoughts, feelings, experiences, etc over a similar topic.

Ell over at ELLDUCLOS started this super fun post where she came up with 15 winter and holiday-themed questions to have bloggers fill out and share with one another. I was tagged by a new but already close friend and bad ass, Bronwyn at Basically Bronwyn.


What’s your favorite holiday tradition?


As an adult I haven’t had an established tradition yet. I have tried to make a few but schedules and life changes have made it hard to hold on to traditions. As a kid, one of my favorite traditions was to go Christmas mass on Christmas Eve and then rush home to open presents while we were still dressed up. SO MUCH FUN. I think this may have started my love affair with getting föncy and having presents handed to me? But who knows.


What are your go-to winter lip products?


Ooh. So normally I would have answered vaseline or this K&K chapstick I have BUT there is a new favorite in town. More specifically, it’s in my car and there is a back story. One of my best friends was visiting me for my birthday months ago. She had this Kiehl’s lip balm with her and everytime she got it out that day we all passed it around because duh free lip stuff but also this stuff was goooood. So almost after her being here for 24 hours she loses the cap somewhere downtown.  She immediately asked if she should throw it out. Me, being the crazy ‘use everything to the last drop’ freak that I am was like NO WAY. This little tube was brand new and I didn’t want to just pitch it because it had no cap! So cut to more than two months later and my lip obsession with this stuff is strong. It has made my lips so smooth and moisturized for countless days. I notice the difference on days that I don’t wear it. I love that it is made with natural products and stays slick throughout the seasons. What started out as me just wanting to not wasted turned into a real love. I plan on buying my own tube once this one runs out. Shop it here. 

kiehl's lip balm gel nails rain boots hand holding

What is your favorite winter scent? (Candles, Perfume, etc)


I love most candles and just burning them in general. I’m not usually a season-specific scent person but I found something perfect at Target. Of course.

This Snowy Spruce candle is perfect for all your fashion blogger & #millenialpink goals.

I’ve been carrying it around to whatever room I’m in at home so I can bask in the holiday smells. Whether you’re practicing hygge or just love the pink and gold it’s perfect for feeling cozy this winter. Smell, I mean shop, it hereeee

 alpaca sweater pink gold tan candle holding hands clasped nails

What is your go-to winter fashion trend?


Ooh this year it would have to be bell sleeves! I am loving them! Though I don’t have much in my wardrobe yet…

Also, every year I love fuzzy, comfy caridigans/sweaters and Sperry boots.

alpaca sweater snow red scarf beanie lights gloves coffee sperry boots girl smiling brunette blogger

What is your all-time favorite holiday movie?


I watch a lot of “Christmas” movies year round so… I’m a little difficult like that. Haha Two that I love to watch only around this time are Die Hard and Christmas with the Kranks. Then the ones I watch year round are Love Actually, Mean Girls, and the Harry Potter series.


What is your all-time favorite holiday tune?


It’s hard to pick just one because I am the person who starts listening to Christmas music right after Halloween. I LOVE IT. It’s probably because it’s all fun or soothing and always happy. My favorite ones are Carol of the Bells (listening to this live floors me) & Rocking around the Christmas Tree.


Do you prefer to travel or stay home for the holidays?


UGH. Stay at home. For.sure. I don’t like traveling out of necessity ever and especially in the cold. If everyone could come to me that would be ideal.

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What is your favorite winter skin must have?


Eco Tan all the way! My two favorite products of theirs are Winter Skin and Invisible Tan. I use winter skin about 3 times a week because it’s a tinted moisturizer that tans you and makes your skin feel so smooth. It’s made with all natural and organic ingredients and works well so it can’t be beat! Shop it here 

eco tan winter skin gradual tanning moisturizer fake organic natural ingredients tanner safe

What is your favorite winter hair care product?


Specifically for winter, I love doing a coconut oil hair mask. I just melt about a cup of coconut oil and massage it into my scalp and hair. It feels so weird but makes it super soft after a shower. Make sure you leave it in for 30-60 minutes and wash it out with a clarifying shampoo.


What is your favorite winter activity?


Watching Christmas episode of Friends & hoping my tree doesn’t burn down. 😂🙈 I’ve gotten a real Christmas tree twice in my life. This year mine got super dry and every time I turn the lights on I cross my fingers that it will all be fine. Just two days left and then I’m in the clear!

Oh and I guess you could say watching Christmas episodes of Friends is a holiday tradition! Sometimes with my sis and sometimes solo but either way it’s always a good time.

alpaca sweater snow red scarf beanie lights gloves sperry boots girl pose palm trees brunette blogger

What is your favorite must-have winter beauty product?


Hm… does a humidifier count as a beauty product? And coconut water? Because I’ve been relying on these to keep my skin hydrated this winter. Along with a super simple but regulated skincare routine that I’ll be sharing soon! Sign up for the newsletter to get the inside scoop!


Do you love or hate the snow?


Ugh. Love/hate. I do not like cold weather but snow during the 30s before it turns into gray mush is beautiful! And so much fun playing in it with friends! I mean clearly making a cocktail and playing in the snow can’t be that bad!

brunette blogger thinking red sweater christmas tree painted nails gents syrup cocktail lexington kentucky ky local spiced blood orange martini glass hammered copper christmas tree

What is one item on your wish list this year? The clarisonic facial massager right here. I am all about age prevention. Somehow [crazy life] I forgot about it for the past two years and am now trying to catch back up! I got this particular tip from TSC and asked for it for Christmas. try it out and share the results with all of you!


What is your favorite holiday treat?


You know what I really like? is frosted sugar cookies. Not the store bought kind. But the homemade ones. So so good and not a lot of people make them. Those and a really good hot cocoa are FANTASTIC


Do you finish your holiday shopping before December or are you a last minute shopper?


Um, you want the truth, right? I still haven’t finished my Christmas shopping and it’s 2 days away. I think you have your answer 😉

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