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Holiday Spiced Cocktail

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Holidays, Stress, Deadlines, Cocktails, Ahhhhhh

Today, I’m showing you all how to make a Holiday Spiced Cocktail. Literally showing you. Because… drumroll please! I finally published (is that even the right word?) my very first derpy YouTube video. Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh I have been waiting so long to start my Youtube channel. I’ve been thinking about what to make, what to post, how to edit it, etc. And finally I was like you know what? Screw it. I’m going to make a super simple one and just put it out there. You’re welcome


Gents and the #LexBloggerFam

This is in no way sponsored or paid for by Gents. I just love their stuff. Okay. So I’ve been a big fan of Gents Gingerale for years but have never tried their syrups. I finally bought some and mixed it in a drink one night without thinking and I LOVED IT. Of course, I instantly wanted to tell everyone about it. I think I did on stories… but I wanted to tell everyone in a more permanent way. So blog post, right? Then, the Lex Blogger Fam decided to do a holiday loop where we all share a recipe, outfit, event, etc. This was perfect!

Solo Shoot

I shot the video first which was pretty easy but then I had to take photos of myself using my dslr. I can not figure out how to focus it on me while I’m also the one who is pushing the button. So I spent a good hour getting some grainy decent shots that were at least in focus. Someone help me, I’m new around here. I wanted pics of me drinking and while I didn’t have to actually swallow for the pictures, I was. And I got a little tipsy. By myself. In the afternoon. There were some fun times had! The picture proof is pretty great. I only wish more of them were in focus! I will master this soon…

Holiday Spiced Cocktail Recipe

Let’s get to the actual recipe part! It’s almost funny to me to call this a recipe because it is really more like 3-5 steps. Depending on how föncy you want to get.

1: Grab a glass 😉

2: Put in equal parts vodka and Gent’s Spiced Blood Orange Syrup. I do anywhere from a shot to two.

3: Add a splash of cranberry juice

4: Add ice and any garnish you like. I tried this with raspberries the other night and it was delish!

5: Serve to your friends, serve to yourself, have a photoshoot… The sky is the limit!

I want to hear what you guys think! And if you experiment with the liquor or any additions let me know about that too! Tell me all the things!

xoxo Ella


gents syrup cocktail lexington kentucky ky local spiced blood orange

Spiced Blood Orange Syrup: Gents

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