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Lex Spread Love shirts are now avalable for presale! Purchase your shirt here.

The making of Lex Spread Love

The Lexington Blogger Family is much more than a work organization; we are a group of friends who are always striving to be better and do better. Our friend, Sarah, came up with the idea and did most of the leg work getting the shirts together. Read her story here.

Once she shared the idea with us, we brainstormed the name and she found a designer and screen printing. The shirts are now available for presale until Nov 27th. They will be shipped in time to gift for the holidays. After the costs, 20% is given to the non-profit we chose.


We are donating to the Bluegrass Rape Crisis Center for this campaign. They do a lot of great work for women in children. Not only in Lexington but in many Kentucky counties.

Donations help fund critical programs such as:

  • 24-hour crisis hotline
  • Comprehensive clinical services: crisis intervention, therapy, and psycho-educational groups
  • Legal and medical advocacy
  • Community outreach to vulnerable populations
  • Violence prevention and awareness education
  • Community engagement for systems change reduces power-based personal violence
  • $25 provides 1 hour of therapy for sexual violence survivor
  • $50 provides legal advocate for 1 hour
  • $75 provides 1 violence prevention education workshop
  • $100 covers 8 hours of volunteer training
  • In Kentucky, 1 in 9 adult women has been “forcibly raped” at sometime in her life. That totals more than 175,000 women. This estimate does not include alcohol or drug-facilitated rape, attempted rape, ‘statutory rape’ (i.e., sex with someone under age 16 without explicit force), or other forms of sexual violence.
  • Almost 1 in 2 women (47%) and 19.6% of males in Kentucky are sexually victimized at some point in their lives (CDC, 2010)
  • 37.5% of females and 31% of males in Kentucky have been assaulted (sexual/physical) and/or stalked by an intimate partner at some point in their lives (CDC,2010)
  • Approximately 51% of female rape survivors in Kentucky are physically assaulted and/or fear that they or someone close will be killed or seriously harmed (CDC, 2010).

Design: Bluegrass Script

Print: Push Push Press

Photography: Space, Place & Southern Grace

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