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Lexington Pizza Week 2017

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I sometimes [almost always] set goals for myself that are near unattainable and all the way crazy. So it should be no surprise that I decided I would eat all 24 veggie pizzas for Lexington Pizza Week.

Why so crazy?

To be fair, last year there were only 16 contestants. Which is much more achievable than 24.

To date, I have tried 9 of the 24 veggie pizzas on this years list.

If I continue to try more I will update this list but as of now I am sick of sitting at restaurants eating pizza.

The pros

I usually stick to my go-to restaurants and order the same old. The idea of using pizza week as an excuse to break out of my comfort zone was so exciting. I found out I like some ingredients together that I normally don’t like separately! Also found out I DEFINITELY do not like some ingredients. Like Gorgonzola cheese… it pretty much ruined a pizza for me.

The cons

I got burnt out on white sauces. I usually don’t order cream sauce and was pleasantly surprised that I actually like it. But not on multiple pizzas in a row. Apparently I picked all cream sauce based pizzas for my first few and burnt myself out.

Customer Service, Creativity, and Taste

I want to rate the places I did visit. Taste is totally my opinion, and I guess everything is too but I will give you the facts on how I was treated and how I feel about my experiences so you can visit these places at your own discretion.


All three Blaze locations decided to have a different selection. Why?? I don’t know. I just eat.

It makes sense to me though because as the new locations have opened I’ve noticed they all seem to make their ‘za slightly different. My personal favorite location is the Hamburg one.


For pizza week, my favorite was Spin Me Round from the Limestone location.

White sauce, mozzarella, parmesan, artichoke, tomato, chopped garlic, and spinach.

I personally did not like the tomatoes on it but everything else was a win. I wouldn’t have tried this combo otherwise so the taste and creativity are wins in my book!

The service felt rushed and not as warm as usual but I could see that being a lunch rush problem and wouldn’t hold it against them.


The American Pharaoh from Hamburg was a strong runner up. Besides the white sauce, this pizza is close to my usual order. Not very creative but delicious! The service at Hamburg is usually top notch. This particular night there was a new manager who wasn’t very friendly but I’ve had enough great experiences there and will definitely go back.


The customer service here blew me out of the water! Every single one of their employees was attentive, friendly, energetic, and seemed genuinely interested in me and pizza week. I wish this wasn’t an anomaly for all the places I visited but.. Sadly it was. I wish I knew all the workers names so that I could praise them here! Hopefully they know who they are.

As far as the pizza goes, it was one of my least favorites. Like I said, I’m not a huge white sauce fan and I learned I can not stomach gorgonzola. The pizza was very well made and cooked. My taste buds were just not fans.

Brick Oven

This pizza was pretty yummy despite the feta I don’t like. I really liked that it was thin crust and the ingredients seemed fresh. They let me get it for carry out and were really nice. If I want a quick slice to go in the Beaumont area I would definitely consider them.

Mellow Mushroom

Sighhhhhhh I hate every saying anything negative about businesses but… the service at Mellow Mushroom was close to awful. And I heard that it’s usually like that. I am specifically talking about the location in Lexington Green Circle. I haven’t visited the Upper location in a while but it had always been excellent so this threw me off.

When I first walked in there were not many people in the restaurant, yet I had to wait a few minutes for a hostess to greet me. She saw me and didn’t appear busy, just was taking her time. I was seated at the bar and it took another 10 minutes for the bartender to head over and ask what I wanted to drink. Got my drink and waited close to another 10 minutes. When I was about to ask for an eta on my pizza the bartender asked if I wanted to order food… I thought the hostess had told her I was in a hurry. Miscommunication, I get it. So I ordered and waited. I got to hear some very personal things from an employee. She was not trying to say it quietly and she could clearly see me just a few feet away.

The bartender was very friendly just not very attentive. Especially considering there was no lunch rush and there were only about 20 customers in the entire restaurant.

The pizza was decent but the service left me with a sour taste in my mouth.


Again with the service… MOD is an assembly line pizza place just like Blaze. One of their companies big values is to treat the customer well. Which they have plenty of chances to do while we walk down the line together creating a pizza. Unfortunately, I was ignored for most of the time. Even though there were 5 workers and only 1 other customer. The girl who did finally make my pizza was friendly but seeing 4 other workers stand around gossiping a few feet away was not great. When my name was called out for my pizza I had a question but no one would come to me at the counter or even acknowledge me so I ended up leaving upset.

The pizza was good but nothing special. I would say if you can to go to Blaze instead.

Original Brooklyn Pizza

I LOVED THIS PLACE. In my opinion, it wins Pizza Week 2017!

First things first, every moment of me being here, from walking in to ordering to leaving I was treated like royalty and that is how it should be! The workers were funny and fun and a delight to be around!

The pizza was also really good. Garlic-olive oil base, tomato, spinach, fresh garlic, kalamata olives, and feta cheese. I don’t usually like feta, tomatoes, or olives so I was super hesitant to try this one. Not sure what they did but the way these ingredients came together was so good and I kept going back for more. Winner all the way!

Smashing Tomato

The customer service here was great. We were even a little difficult and there was a lunch rush but they still killed it with listening to us, serving our food quickly, and clearing our plates.

This pizza featured butternut squash which sounded strange to me but was so so delicious. I guess I should start trying different ingredients on my pizza!

Sutton’s Italian Restaurant

Wowwwwwww The customer service here was another through the roof experience!

Again, it was a busy dinner time when we went and they still had smiles on and got us everything quickly. Our server seemed to genuinely care that we liked our meals and she even offered different options for the appetizers and sides we were getting. The manager came over too to check on our meal.

The pizza was great and I ate almost all of it which I haven’t been doing at most of the places I visited this week. This pizza and the customer service makes it second place in my book!


Where have you eaten for pizza week? What is your favorite place in town and why?

Comment below!

All pictures taken at Goodfella’s Pizzeria. One of my faves anytime of the year!

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