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Distressed from Head to Toe

girl woman brunette pink shirt denim distressed holes ankle booties outdoors smiling dancing

Distressed to the maxxxxx

Who else loves their ripped denim and holey shirts? 🙌 I wasn’t a fan of the distressed look but I wised up this past year and now can’t get enough
I always end up really tearing up my jeans but I love them!
Goals are to find an affordable pair of those ‘almost falling apart’ jeans.

No Filter, No Makeup

I threw on the outfit on my way to my first stop for pizza week.
No make up on, tons of dry shampoo, and super excited for pizza. I didn’t notice until I was shooting that both my shirt and jeans were distressed AND while I was straightening the pics I noticed that I was wearing my ankle cut out booties too.
Apparently I was in a very exposed skin mood. 😉
Let’s see if I still am after pizza all week! 😂

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