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Mental Health Awareness

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It’s fitting that today is mental health awareness day.

On a day where I…

have cried more times in the past 48 hours then I have in total last year.

should be excited about my 30th birthday party but instead I’m dealing with a lot of things that no one else would even think are stressful.

when I don’t feel understood.

I think what really gets me is the feeling of being alone. I thought I had settled on the fact that no one will ever truly understand me. Is anyone ever really understood? I have multiple great friends that all together do a great job and are there for me in the ways I need. But every once in awhile I have an issue where no one really understands me. They expect me to laugh it off and I can’t.

I’m usually the goofball so it’s hard for people to see and understand when I’m angry or depressed. I think they hear my words but they don’t listen to my pain. I’m not one to complain and it’s hard for me to show THIS IS HOW BAD I’M FEELING. When I’m down, I tend to want to be quiet, slow and stay part of the background. Those characteristics don’t fit my fun personality and people try to pull me out of the crowd and get me to “be normal”.

Sometimes I just need to be able to breathe and move at my own pace. If you’re looking for fun, adventure, or entertainment catch me on a good day. But if I’m being quiet, please don’t push me. I’m taking a break. And we all need breaks sometimes. 💕

So is there an answer?

I honestly believe that everyone could benefit from a healthy diet, exercise, and daily reflection.
Sometimes people make fun of me for eating super healthy or working out every morning. Honestly that is what works best for me. Those two together started my progress towards the best physical and mental health I have ever had. They were the easiest things for me to slip from in the past few years and that is why I talk about it so much. I can feel the difference and I know what I need. Doing it is a whole other step.

In conjunction, the best ways to get myself back on track with a healthy diet are Whole30, TIU Plan, or a juice cleanse. Which is one of the untold reasons I recently did the Weekly Juicery cleanse.

After that, I feel good enough to start exercising. I try to start my day with exercise and even go to a group class if I can’t motivate myself. Everyone loses willpower throughout the day so that is why I make it a priority. I get up early and knock it out before anything else needs to be done. Also, a group class helps when I feel weak or tired and can only work out for 10 minutes on my own. You need to sweat and work hard to get the dopamine, oxytocin, serotonin, and endorphins flowing. Those are what you need to get you happier and feeling stable the rest of the day.

The Triple Threat

The third thing that most people don’t talk about and I usually forget about is journaling, brain dumping, etc. However you do it or whatever you want to call it the point is to get all your thoughts out of your head. Connect with yourself and see how you feel. You will be surprised! The first few times I did it I wrote down feelings that I never realized I had. Like I was feeling angry and unbalanced one day because I hadn’t realized or addressed that one of my friends said something hurtful to me. I was so out of touch that I just brushed it off my shoulder and moved on to have a bad day. Instead of realizing it and then deciding how to react.

Your brain and body are funny little bundles of nerves that can work correctly if you take care of it or malfunction if you don’t, just like a machine. Give it the rest, repair, and proper nutrition it needs and you’ll feel much better within a few weeks.

Of course, these are just my two cents. I have researched a lot of it and have found that science backs up most of what I have said but I am not a doctor and encourage all of you to do your own research if any of this spoke to you or sounded interesting.

Do any of you have experience with mental illness? Share below! We’re all in this together. Hugs


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2 thoughts on “Mental Health Awareness”

  1. Thank you for teaching me more about mental health and how I can improve my own. One thing that you said that I fell in love with was that everyone can really benefit from a healthy diet, good daily exercise, and personal reflection. In my life, I need to spend more time doing this because life is hectic with school and everything. I have been looking for different ways to cope with my stress, and I think that I need to spend a little bit more time reflecting. Thanks again!

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