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Lace Blouse & Black Booties

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Are you proud of how good I am getting at busting out these blog posts?! Leave some comments of encouragement below so I keep it up! Now I’ll get to the good stuff.. The outfit!

Fall Styling

Fall has finally started showing it’s temperatures and it is pretty exciting because I LOVE layering and booties!! Who else?

I love this shirt in particular because it looks really nice but is super comfy and you forget you’re wearing lace! Every year, I get a few pants that fit me really well and then rotate those with any of my fall tops and cardigans. This black denim pair is MNGO from a department store in Peru. I linked similar below! I couldn’t find my exact blouse but below are two with super cute backs.

The booties are last year Target and they better bring them back this year because I scuffed them up a little while crawling on the floor… you’ll read why below. haha

Birthday Surprise Outfit

I wore this outfit to my birthday surprise on Saturday. The only clues I got were that I should wear pants, pictures would be taken, and we needed tickets to get in.

I decided this was a great cute and casual outfit for whatever was coming my way. It turned out we went to a wildlife rescue! I was certainly overdressed compared to everyone there but hey, It’s better to be overly cute than under dressed. Am I right?

If I had known I probably would have picked blue jeans and a tee but hey, I’m not complaining. I looked super cute holding a tiger. What else could I ask for? We got to crawl around with them and pet them. I will definitely be writing another blog post about that soon!

Right now, I am battling a cold that won’t quit. If you want to see the tea I drink for colds click here!

Links to my outfit!

Sweater with a tie back

Lace Blouse -super cute!

MNGO Black Jeans with zip

Black cut out Booties

Target Buckle Cut Out Booties

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