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Juice Cleanse with Weekly Juicery

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Juice cleanses can be done for multiple reasons. I’ve done them in the past to slim down quickly, boost my immune system, get back on a healthier eating track, and also just to see what it’s like.
This time my main reasoning for doing the juice cleanse was to get back to eating healthier. I had already laid down some of the groundwork before the cleanse. Pro-tip you should start eating healthier before you do a juice cleanse or else it will really wreak havoc on your body. I’m talking migraines, hurt stomachs, and other things we shouldn’t be discussing. So I had already been eating healthier than usual but still felt like I needed the juice cleanse to really detox from all my random unhealthy snacks or pizza binge nights.

Day 1

If I’m going to be honest I kind of forgot I was doing the juice cleanse and had one boiled egg before my normal workout.
After my workout I realized my mistake but figured it wasn’t too bad of a mistake! After all it was just the beginning of the first day. And you can’t let things like that get you down. So I went to Weekly Juicery to pick up my package. You have to order it at least 24 hours in advance. They set out all of your juices in a bag in the fridge. You give them your name and pick up your package and if you need them to they will explain how the cleanse works. Since it had it been awhile since I had done my last juice cleanse and it was my first cleanse with Weekly Juicery I had them explain to me the order of the drinks and what was in each drink.
The first day went off without a hitch! I live a pretty busy lifestyle and day to day it can be hard for me to even remember that I need to eat a meal and if I do I usually have a hard time finding a healthy place to grab food from. Ideally I meal prep and bring healthy snacks with me but most days that doesn’t happen. So the first day was great for me because I didn’t have any cravings and I had juice bottles that I could just grab whenever I started feeling a craving.

Day 2

I did a light workout in the morning and had my juices. I wasn’t craving anything too bad but I hosted a pizza contest at the same time and mentally wanted pizza. But my body was doing fine without food.

Day 3

Day three was probably the hardest day. Finally, I was feeling weak. During my light workout, I felt a little bit dizzy so I stopped. I definitely wouldn’t advise most people working out while doing a juice cleanse but since I had done them before and felt like I would know when to stop I trusted myself. I went on throughout the rest rest of the day pretty well.

It wasn’t until night time that I started feeling really hungry and cranky and wanting food. When you order the rainbow cleanse you get an almond milk juice. On the first day mine was amazing and the best part of the cleanse. On the second and third day the juices were bad and I couldn’t drink them. (Weekly Juicery was amazing and both apologized and reimbursed me for these.) I really think that that is why I was so cranky at the end of day 3. I would advise that if you’re doing a juice cleanse that involves almond milk that you have some of your own in your fridge handy just in case. And also veggie or chicken broth! Luckily I had some chicken broth on hand so I heated that up and drank it up! I had never been so happy to have chicken broth in my life!

So how do I feel now?

Post cleanse I am super happy I did it! Just like you should eat healthy the week before a cleanse you should eat pretty healthy the week after a cleanse too. I did pretty well for the first four days and then on the 5th day I had a grilled cheese because I thought I could do it. News flash! Bread and cheese after a juice cleanse are not a good idea! My stomach ended up hurting super bad and I regretted it.

I spent the rest of the week eating pretty healthy again and I felt great. Since then I’ve been back to eating mainly healthy throughout the week and having one pizza day every two weeks. I think everyone has a different balance that works well for them. For me, I need to eat mostly healthy in my day-to-day life or else I don’t feel good. I start to feel sluggish, my brain gets foggy, and overall I’m not in a great mental or physical state.

Important things to remember. You have to drink a lot of water when you’re on a juice cleanse! You should drink at least half your body weight in ounces every day. And then when you’re on a juice cleanse you need to be drinking at least 16 oz in between each juice. I definitely did that. And could tell that I was off the few times I forgot to drink water or drank a juice too late

Have you done a juice cleanse before? What were your favorite parts about it? If you haven’t had it yet did this make you want to try one or stay away from them? Let me know all your thoughts and comments below!

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