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Cooking Kits with Kroger

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This post was sponsored by Kroger As always, all thoughts and opinions are entirely my own. 

This week in GML adventures, I got to try the new Prep & Pared Meal Kits from Kroger. It was delicious and so much fun to make!

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I chose the Chickpea + Tofu Tikka Masala as my meal. For those who don’t know, I’ve been mainly vegetarian since I was 3 years old. Vegetarian options are usually what I pick at restaurants, home, and any other time I eat. This is the only vegetarian option for now but I hope that they bring more options out!

meal kits kroger sign prep+pared woman girl holding box brunette

Though my kitchen is cute it wouldn’t have been the best for pictures so I asked my friend Nicole if we could use her kitchen. She was such a team player, taking all the photos, video (crossing my fingers it edits well), and providing her place.

plant pot apron kitchen spatula bowl rings girl woman chef cook window natural light smiling brunette

When we got to Nicole’s house, we got out all the bowls, plates, pots, and utensils I wanted and needed to make the Prep + Pared Tofu Tikka Masala. I like to lay out all the ingredients for a recipe when I cook. If you want to save on dishes you will only need a pot, two bowls, a knife to cut the tofu, a plate or cutting board to set the tofu on, and a spoon or spatula to mix ingredients in the pot.

mango chickpea red pepper garbanzo beans apron kitchen bowl girl woman chef cook natural light smiling brunette tofu package hands

The first step in this recipe is to make the side dish, which was a mango chutney. I put all the ingredients it called for into one bowl and mixed them all together.

mango chutney bowl white window sink kitchen spatula natural light tofu mango red pepper chutney rings nail polish cutting board marble spatula hand cook

Next, I heated the oil and some of the ingredients in the pot.

girl woman chef cook kitchen stove oven stovetop pot copper rose gold spatula smiling apron

While that heated, I got the tofu and put it on the cutting board to slice. Tofu is soft and doesn’t need a very sharp knife or even a cutting board necessarily. If necessary, you could put the tofu on a plate and slowly slice it with a small knife.

tofu knife hands nail polish apron marble cutting board tofu knife hands nail polish apron marble cutting board

The next step was to add the stars of the dish to the pot! In went the chickpeas and tofu. I love chickpeas so I was excited to see them in this dish!

tofu kitchen cook chef woman girl chickpeas copper pot rose gold apron

I kept expecting more or harder steps so I checked the recipe sheet again. As I’m writing this, I still can’t believe how easy it all was! Obviously, I took a lemonade and champagne break when I realized I had a few minutes to spare!.(I’m allergic to strawberries but doesn’t it look good? I didn’t let it touch my drink which was raspberry lemonade. haha!)

recipe card mango chutney bowl purple knife kitchen girl woman chef cook brunette rings apron kitchen stove utensils pot copper rose gold pink lemonade champagne wine glass strawberry

The last step was to finally add the masala sauce! It was possibly the easiest part of the recipe. I just squeezed it in, stirred, and waited.

pot rose gold copper handle stove spatula masala

Lastly, it was time to reheat the rice that had come in the kit! I added salt and pepper too.

girl woman chef cook phone rice bowl sink window kitchen salt grinder rice bowl sink window natural light girl woman brunette chef cook


rice basmati bowl dish towel lime marble cutting board sink apron

Everything smelled so good and we were so hungry. We set the table quickly and I put the chutney, rice, and tikka masala out on the plates.

lime plant cilantro succulent pot plate placemat wooden table girl cook chef brunette apron spatula chutney mango rice cilantro lime plant pot plate table

We put the cilantro and lime out on a plate so that we could each add as much as we liked to our own plates. The cilantro was included in the Prep + Pared Kit but the lime was not.

plate placemats masala chutney mango lime cilantro pink lemonade champagne wine glass rings table food

I was so proud of myself! I’m a beginner in the kitchen and always get excited when I can make something considered edible for both me and my guests. When I took my first bite of the tikka masala I knew it was a winner. Nicole agreed that it was much better than we expected and could believe it if we were told the dish was from a restaurant. I couldn’t believe I had made this meal (almost) from scratch! Short of making the sauce, I had made this meal simply by following the directions. It was such a feel good moment.

drink pink lemonade strawberry champagne rice mango chutney red pepper basmati placemat plate cilantro lime gold fork rice mango chutney red pepper basmati placemat plate cilantro lime drink pink lemonade strawberry champagne rice mango chutney red pepper basmati placemat plate cilantro lime

These meal kits are currently only available in select locations. I got mine at the Euclid Kroger in Lexington, KY. They are also available at the Richmond Rd and Beaumont locations in Lexington. However, if you live somewhere else hang on to your seats. After my experience, I have a feeling they will probably be expanding these meal kits to a Kroger or Ralph’s near you!

Read on to hear about my experience in the form of perks and cooking steps.

Saving on Time and Ingredients

First of all, I would say the best perk about these meal kits is that you save time and ingredients. You can run in quickly and grab a box for dinner without having to look up a recipe, make a shopping list, and then shop for those ingredients. I didn’t do this, buy my friend had a great idea of clicklist-ing it for even more convenience if you don’t even have time to go into the store.

Also, I hate buying food and then having it go to waste later. All the ingredients in these kits are fresh, pre-prepped, and measured (with the exception of salt, pepper, and oil). My particular recipe included ginger, onion, garlic, and cilantro. All of which I have to buy a hole one of when i cook and it’s a gamble if I use the rest before it goes bad. In these kits they give you only what you need so you’re not wasting any food or scrambling to figure out what to make with those leftover ingredients. Though, looking at those ingredients I think an omelet or soup could be calling my name. Moving on…

These kits also cut down on research and cooking time. Like I mentioned above, finding a recipe that you have the time for is half the battle. I swear half the recipes I like seem to have a night before meal prep and chef skills required. Not with these kits!

The box says Kit to Fork in 20 minutes or less. Mine took longer but that is because of all the breaks Nicole and I kept taking to do photos, video, and set up the next shot. If we didn’t have all these extra things to do it definitely would have been 10 or 15 minutes tops.


Yet another perk about these kits is how darn easy they are! I seriously kept looking at the recipe waiting for a catch. I was certain that at some point there would be more steps but there weren’t at all!

Satiety -fancy word for being full 😉

You might be into this idea but wondering how much food is included. Guess what? It’s enough for two adults. More than enough. Nicole and I were surprised by how much food there was and were not able to finish eating our portions. When they said two adults they were not joking!

Miscellaneous perks

I really liked that there wasn’t excessive packaging in this kit. Each ingredient was packed in a small bag, the only paper was the recipe pamphlet, and the box was one piece of cardboard functionally folded.

How this Prep & Pared Meal Kit worked

  1. First things first. Buy the kit from Kroger or Ralph’s 😛
  2. Secondly, take it home (or to your friend’s house like I did)
  3. Open up the box and take out all the bagged ingredients
  4. Optional: Because I like things to look pretty, I got out bowls and plates to put all the ingredients in. If you aren’t that extra and/or want to save dishes skip this step.
  5. Look over the recipe pamphlet, found in the box, and get out the kitchen tools listed.
  6. Follow the directions on the pamphlet. These will be different based on the meal you are cooking. Mine only had 3 steps on paper. If I were to split it up though It would have been 8 steps.
  7. Serve your meal. Each kit feeds two people!


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  1. Looks so tasty! I’m so with you on the ease and not wasting ingredients! I’m just not home enough to go through a whole weeks worth of groceries and usually end up wasting things.

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