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Own that Flower Crown

Brunchin’ Babes
Confidence is number one when trying to feel better about yourself. You might be having a horrible day and think you look awful but if you just slap a smile on and follow the tips below I promise you will feel like a new person!
I have been so fortunate to find my blogger tribe. Even though we’re all new friends they help me feel comfortable. They even encourage my boomerangs and extra-ness!

A few weeks ago we put together a fabulous pinterest-worthy brunch complete with a DIY flower crown bar. A lot of us were struggling with making ours look like we envisioned. One of the things I kept telling anybody who didn’t like their crown was to… OWN THAT FLOWER CROWN.

A little history
I have always been super energetic. As a child, I could put on the biggest one girl show you’ve ever seen! But then I would go out in public and close up. 🙊
I credit theater and dance recitals for getting me out of my shell while in public. While I was too young to think about it in depth at the time I have now realized how much I learned from those activities.

Show up, be yourself, and be confident about it
Dance recitals helped me get comfortable with standing in front of a crowd of strangers and awkwardly showing off all dance moves that I had learned.
Theater auditions taught me that you should be yourself instead of imitating others. The cast directors only pick the best fit for their characters. If you are trying to be someone you’re not in auditions it will be hard work to keep up and you most likely will get outed. Which is embarrassing for everyone involved.
Communications class taught me that it’s best to be confident when presenting yourself. Someone could have a really interesting topic but if they were timid or soft spoken the group lost interest. Then someone else would have a subpar topic but they were confident and enthusiastic about it which made us all want to listen.

How to be confident in public
This is probably the biggest piece of advice if you forget/ignore everything else. If you want to make new friends or even just appear friendly you need to smile! No one wants to be around a grouch. Your facial expressions are your first impressions.

2. Posture
This is and has always been the hardest one for me! I have horrible posture. Whenever I work on it I definitely feel a lot better about myself and look better in photos too. This video shows the best posture fixing exercises that you can do pretty much anywhere.
P.S. I did not do these before brunch and regret it!

3. Be approachable
I bet everyone at some point or another has made it a point to be on their phone to look busy. That was when you wanted to be left alone, right? So if you’re at an event or somewhere that you want to mingle, guess what you should do? Get off your phone! This is a super hard one for a lot of people to do and I get it. It can be awkward to stand around without being on your phone. I like to walk around and take everything in, slowly make a plate of food, or grab a drink. Guaranteed someone will talk to you during at least one of these and even if you don’t hit it off, it will loosen you up and get you ready for the next conversation.

4. Introduce yourself
This is the hardest step and if you don’t do it right away that’s okay. Try to build up to it though because this one is huge! Usually, I see at least one person I know so I will say hi and ask if they can introduce me to anyone else. Or if they are already talking to someone I will hang out nearby and wait for a good time to step in and introduce myself. You can almost think of it as a game. If you talk to 10 percent of the people at the first event you go to you get to pass to the next level and talk to 15 percent next time. Keep moving up every time and you will eventually be a pro!

These are tips that I still have to remind myself of too. Now that I’ve lived in Lexington for a few years, I have gotten comfortable in my favorite places and with my favorite people. I start to associate being myself with being in that homey environment.
But then when I travel, go somewhere new, go out without friends; I catch myself feeling shy and embarrassed. Which is when I have to remember to own it!

Your personality, your clothes, everything that people can see and hear was chosen by you. So own it and say (with your body language) ‘Yes, this is me’. When you are true to who you are your confidence can shine through and it makes it so much easier to find other people who will resonate with you.

Try these tips at your next brunch with friends and let me know how it goes!

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Special thanks to all the vendors who contributed to our special goodie bags: Shop Local KY, Miss Molly Vintage, AJ Apothecary, Shop Twenty, Morton James, Springhouse Gardens, Whole Foods Lexington, and Kentucky Yarnbirds. Our brunch was held at The Barn at Springhouse in Nicholasville, Kentucky. Select photos taken by Kirstie Dunston Photography.


4 thoughts on “Own that Flower Crown”

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  2. This is all such great advice. I really struggle with introductions, small talk, and being approachable because I get so nervous around new people! I am so thankful I stepped out of my box and met up with you all at the Shake Shack a few months ago – and for the invitation to do so! You’ll never know how much that meant to me so, thanks friend! <3

    This brunch was a dream and I'm looking forward to all of our future "extra" events! 😀

    1. Thank you! It’s so hard. I struggle too but make myself do it because I know I will regret it later. I was actually thinking about this! I’m so glad you reached out and we were all able to meet up! Hugs!!

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