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Horsin’ Around with Visit Horse Country

I love working with non-profits and volunteering my services. If anyone has any they want me to check out let me know! Visit Horse Country is probably one of the most lavish non-profit services I’ve ever partaken in but hey, I’m not complaining!

I really love watching horses and riding them but for some reason get super skittish when I’m face to face with them. Obviously, I need to work on this! I was so thankful for this experience because I got to spend more time with horses and maybe get a little better at this.

Visit Horse Country wants to get everyone to love horses and learn more about the farms they live on. They’re basically on a mission to get everyone on this horse farm trail, kind of like the bourbon trail! I’m so happy they asked me to come along on a tour. It was really fun and since I was with two of my friends we made a lot of jokes along the way and boomeranged (duh) which made me feel more comfortable.

It’s really fun to get to walk the grounds and find out all about the horses. From how the babies are made, to what they do all day, to how they’re buried. The farms were super clean and this almost felt like I was touring a horse bed and breakfast. They’re pretty pampered! But it makes sense because they work hard too.

I’ll be putting up an outfit blog post soon! Until then, check out https://visithorsecountry.com/ and plan your tour. I want to go on my next one in the fall with a big group of friends!

Three photos of me taken by Sarah Caton of spaceplaceandsoutherngrace.com
Last two photos taken by Stephanie Arnold.


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