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Stars, Stripes, & Swim

The 4th of July used to be my favorite holiday growing up. I loved the way everyone got together as a team. I loved seeing my friends at the festival and participating in the activities. I loved the anticipation of the fireworks and the huge light show.

As I’ve gotten older and strayed from those traditions I’ve found myself not enjoying the holiday so much. I still have lots of American pride and am very grateful to have grown up in this country. But I think I need to get back to my roots and celebrate the way I used to.

This year, I took it a little easy since I have been so busy and could not fathom a trip back to my hometown. But I still spent the day with friends who were important to me and doing things I loved. Our fireworks show was a little bit lackluster but at least I went to the Fireworks this year!

We even got some sparklers and a kid pack and had some pre-game fun with them on my driveway. Just like the good old days!
I look forward to many more Independence days when I can celebrate the way I know makes me happy. And of course many more stars and stripes swimsuit photoshoots to come every year. Happy 4th!

Swimsuit: Target
Shawl: American Eagle
Sunglasses: Unknown

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