How Brow Dat?

When you first step into Highbrow it’s so pretty and welcoming in there that it almost makes you forget that you’re nervous.

I never fill in my brows so when I first got this done I was so shocked by my appearance. I could barely look in the mirror. I had seen friends who got theirs done but they all fill their brows in daily so they looked basically the same as when they wore make up. I just somehow assumed that I would look better but not different.
My friends all assured me that they looked really good. In fact, some of them took a while to even realize they looked different. And then kept saying they looked great. They might be liars but after a few weeks of compliments from friends and strangers I was loving my brows!

I washed them gently every day with dial soap. Recommended by Nicole. And made sure not to sweat which was a little hard since I’ve been trying to get back into my workout routine.
After a week, it was worth it and I was getting used to them! But wait…of course, they had to scab, flake, and disappear. This is why they make the emoji chart of microblading emotions!

The scabbing/flaking wasn’t too bad for me. If you were very up close to the scabbing you could tell but not in normal conversation. The flaking was a tiny nuisance but not big enough to really bother me. There was one day where it looked like I had dandruff in my eyebrows!
After that was done though, the ink started coming back and looked really good! Yay!
Again, I was getting used to them and they started to fade. It had been 6 weeks at that point and it was time for the touch up!

The touch up was pretty much the same only I didn’t have to wash them and I knew what to expect so everything went much smoother.

I also told her what I had loved and what I wanted different from the shape she gave me the first time.

Let’s talk pain…
The first time felt like someone drawing on me with a pen for the first few minutes and then I felt nothing! What a breeze!
The touch up actually kind of hurt. Just a little bit. She said if you’re close to your period it’s worse.
Others that have gotten said it hurt them a little both times. It all just depends on your normal pain tolerance!
How it works.
There are two sessions for microblading. The initial session and the touch-up session.
They both last about two hours along and are very similar.
Before the session you can send Nicole pictures of what your brows look like now and how you would like them to look.
When you go in to her studio; she will measure your brows, draw the shape on them, check the shape and the ink color with you, and then numb your brows. You can go in with make-up on and she will clean your brow area when you’re there. When she numbs your brows she puts plastic wrap on you and you can take silly selfies.

Once the medicine has set in you will lay down on the comfy bed and just relax while she tattoos your brows on! Microblading is a form of tattoo-ing. It’s just not permanent. It lasts about 18-24 months.
The first session’s work only lasts a few weeks. The second session is where the ink really settles in and the magic happens.

Now that it’s all over I can definitely say I recommend this to anyone thinking about it! If you already fill in your brows, you will love the convenience. And if you don’t, you will love your newfound “I woke up like this” beauty.

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