Pink Lady meets T-Bird

I’ve always loved being adventurous with my style. I think it stems from my love for theater.
Which could totally be it’s own blog post. Or even a series!
For now, I’ll just keep it short and sweet. I love fashion. I love experimenting with different outfit combinations. I love musicals.

This night I was meeting some of my girlfriends for apps and drinks and couldn’t decide on something to wear. Then out of nowhere, this outfit came together and I decided it’s my Pink Lady meets T-Bird look. You know. Like in Grease!

The jumpsuit and choker remind me so much of when Sandy dressed up as a T-Bird. And the rest of the outfit is a little mix from all the Pink Ladies; Frenchy, Rizzo, and Marty.

I had so much fun twirling around in this ensemble and I definitely made an appearance at Girl’s Night!

Choker: Kentucky Gypsy
Jumpsuit: American Apparel
Shawl: Express
Skirt: H&M Coachella Collection
Shoes: Qupid



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