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Nashville Quickie

“Spontaneity is the best kind of adventure”

Anyone who knows me knows I love to travel!!! I flew and cruised to different countries last year and while it was fun, it was also exhausting. This year, road trips have been calling my name.

This past weekend, a friend and I randomly decided to go to Nashville and it was a pretty great time! We didn’t get to experience the regular Nashville since it was the Stanley cup weekend but we still ate at some pretty great places and went hiking.
I was so into the moment that I didn’t get a bunch of photos but below I’m sharing what I do have and my favorite spots from this weekend.

Excuse me while I selfie. Oh my goodness! I don’t know what it is about me and going to other cities and wanting tacos. (ex: Cincinnati) Does anyone else have this problem? It sounds made up but I swear it’s real!
This was one of the highest suggested places when I asked on insta for Nashville recommendations. Zoe had heard great things about it too so we made that our first stop once we got in.
It was so pretty and the patio was so inviting. Of course we made ourselves right at home there with the super plushy couches. I was practically napping while sipping on my tequila.
Zo and I took a bathroom break to take all the mirror selfies. Seriously, like 20. Haha Who else does that with their girlfriends? You know it’s a must for a girl’s night!

Back to the food, the tacos were amazing and so was the salad. I would recommend going there with a group of friends if you want to have a casual fun environment with really good drinks and tacos.

My sister discovered Steadfast while visiting her friend in Nashville and she made sure to let me know they have the best egg sandwiches EVER. I don’t know how they do it but she’s right. These are so good!

Along with the egg sandwiches they have pastries, creamy coffee drinks, and an industrial park feel. If you want to feel “cool” and have a really good sandwich with your latte I recommend Steadfast!

Lake Radnor State Park
I love hiking and a few people recommended this park so we went! We originally wanted to feed the deer and hike around the lake. First, we found out it wasn’t deer season and then we were half an hour into our hike when someone told us that the lake hike would take another hour. We were hungry so we decided to just finish up the short hike with a glimpse of the lake.

Burger Up
I think everyone has this idea in their head that in order to eat healthy/light you can only go to certain places like salad bars. But I have found that this is not true! Sure some places are almost impossible to find a healthy meal <try a barbecue joint>. But besides those types of places there are so many options!
I wasn’t feeling that great Saturday morning so I wanted to eat something light and healthy for lunch. We went to this restaurant called Burger Up and it was so amazing! They had really great burgers and fries and cocktails but they also had really great asparagus, poached eggs, sweet potato fries, and steamed spinach which is what I got. It was so yummy and reminded me of eating dinner at home. Remember you can go to a lot of places with your friends and they can eat whatever they want and you can eat whatever you want.
As I’m trying to get back into my healthy ways this is something I have to keep reminding myself.

Pinewood Social
I honestly knew nothing about this place but one of my friends, who always seems to be somewhere awesome, suggested it so I had to go. When I looked it up I found out it was a bar/restaurant/bowling alley. And not the smelly, smoky kind. But a new super hip, I want to come here all the time, kind.
We went in early (around 6) on Saturday hoping we had beat the crowd to bowling. Turns out you can make reservations and since there are only six lanes those reservations don’t usually leave. You can get on a waitlist but the host told us to only hold out hope if we had been on the top of the waitlist. I think we were eighth on the list.
Not to worry! We still got some delicious drinks and fries. And soaked in the vibes and watched enviously at the bowling alley while we decided where to go next.

Since it was the Stanley Cup the streets and bars were packed with hockey fans. After attempting to find a bar that didn’t have the game on we decided to just get some pizza and rest up for the next day.

Five Daughters
So pretty. I’ll take two. Does anybody else sometimes get overwhelmed by all the enticing options and just want to try a bite of each? My favorite thing to do with my sister is to order 10 different menu items and then share them all. Since we’re sharing them you don’t really get that full but you still get to taste all the deliciousness. The best place to do this with friends is bakeries. I love having a bite or two of cookies and baked goods but I never want to eat a whole one because I want to try them all!

Going to Five Daughters was a little insane. Zoe and I both wanted to try all the things so we each got a box of a dozen donuts.These donuts are made like croissants so there are multiple layers of butter and dough. Plus, most of them have a filling which make them extra delectable.
They were definitely fun to enjoy for just a bite but I can’t see ever having an entire one to myself. Though I’m sure a croissant or donut lover definitely could!

We also had green juice at some point along this journey but I don’t think we documented it… oops. Points for being healthy on vacation?

I’m definitely looking forward to going back to get the live music experience and enjoy the rooftop bars.
I think my favorite experiences from this trip were hiking and that egg sandwich!

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