Euphoric Utopia

Utopia was so gorgeous and moving, especially for being in Lexington.
It’s no wonder it sold out over the weekend once the word got out because WOW.
We have our own little Cirque du Soleil right here!

I was lucky enough to go to the rehearsal and opening night and attempt to capture some photos on my beginner camera. Below, are some of the shots I got and a synopsis of the show as told by the show’s creator and director, Jessica Johnson.

“Utopia” is an exploration of the human condition inside the mind of a young girl named Grey on a path of self-discovery as she learns to battle her inner demons. Grey suffers from deep depression, and her every waking moment seems to exist with a cloud over her head. Grey’s inner turmoil is played by a character named Lorelei. Lorelei’s presence is insufferable to Grey, and she will do anything to rid her mind of Lorelei. Grey’s optimistic side is played by a character named Allegra, the bit of light still shining within her. Allegra tries to show Grey that her suffering is merely in her mind and that the mind is the most powerful tool she has to find inner peace. Allegra will attempt to show Grey the beauty of the world through “Utopia”, a place in which anyone can live, should they choose to. As Grey gets pulled back and forth between the darkness and the light, she tries to numb her inner pain leaving her void of any feeling whatsoever. Her thoughts are more than just thoughts; they are her everything. Her light, her dark…her fear, her courage…her cold, her warmth. They are her, both and one. A shadow on snow.”

“Utopia is not a place that really exists in our society but we are all on the pursuit of happiness, trying to reach a state of being that is as close as we can get to a “Utopia”. What Grey must learn is that Utopia is a state of being that can be tapped into by finding the balance between the two opposing yet complementary forces within her. “Utopia” is: finding inner peace, balance, equilibrium.”

Utopia was the first show from Sora Contemporary Circus. You better believe they will be having more!
Haven’t heard of Sora? That’s because they just started rebranding from Bella Forza. I’ll be writing more about that in another blog post coming soon!

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