Drawn To Chicago

I don’t know how it happened but Chicago seems to be a pretty prominent place in my life.

My brother used to live there, one of my closest friends lives there now, and my mom keeps dragging me back. 😂

Okay, maybe she isn’t dragging me but we keep going during the worst times weather-wise. We visited in March expecting to explore all weekend and a blizzard hit us. Then, we went back in May thinking for sure this time we could walk all over the city and it poured almost the entire time.

Maybe it’s not meant to be? Regardless, when I’m with my mom and sister the times are sure to be interesting and mostly fun.

Below I’m sharing some of my favorite moments from my last Chicago trip!



Congress Plaza Hotel

It’s rumored to be haunted which is what first drew my mom to booking our room here.

Last time we visited some ladies ran into our elevator saying their room was haunted and it scared my mom so I’m not sure we’ll be going back!

She loved the idea of the hotel being haunted but not hearing from someone that there might actually be supernatural activity. hahaha

I don’t truly believe it myself but have heard a few convincing stories… I’d rather not know.

Anyone out there who is worried should know that all the activity reported in this hotel has been friendly and not menacing in any way.

The first time we stayed here we had a gorgeous view and then with the snowstorm it was even prettier. Of course I can’t find those pictures but just trust me.  

This hotel is just a walk or uber drive away from most places you would want to see. It’s budget friendly and  the rooms are pretty modern for such an old hotel!

Navy Pier

Ahhhh tourism. I have a love/hate relationship with places like this. It depends on my mood really. Usually I am happy and all about being around a lot of people and seeing the chains all in a strip. Other days I am in a bad mood and would rather hide in a deserted local book store.

The night we went I was definitely in a good mood and we decided to hit up Build-A-Bear. My sister and I made a koala there 8 years ago. The plan was to share him and it was going pretty well until I kept him for a year. We decided it was time for us to make another one that she could keep.

Afterwards, we played around with the camera and checked out the carnival rides.

Has anyone gone on that ferris wheel? It looks so pretty but so scary!

Left Coast

While it doesn’t always work out, I try to eat semi-healthy when I travel. It helps keep me in a better mood and sustains my energy for the long days of activity.

On my most recent trip to Chicago, I was lucky enough to meet up with a friend who also wanted to eat healthy. Hope, my sister, and I all decided on Left Coast for brunch.

They had tons of great option from light and on-the-go, like juices and snack bars, to sit down and satiating meals, like avocado toast and smoothies.

The vibe in there was pretty laid back and they had lots of seating. So we ordered our food and wandered around the shop taking photos. When we got served and were able to taste our food it was definitely worth the wait. Both dishes were so good, as was the coffee.

I would recommend checking it out as a healthy option next time you’re in Chicago!


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