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Posted on December 12, 2015

Christmas Magic

For those of you who don’t know: I’m a nanny. I’ve been with my current family for three years and can’t imagine my life without these boys in it.


This year I am determined to give them a Christmas to remember. Hillenmeyer has played a big role in this for us and for that I am eternally grateful. I had scoped out Hillenmeyer before taking the boys there just to make sure it was worth it. If you have kids you know it’s a huge struggle just to go somewhere and then leave 5 minutes later. I wanted to make sure this wasn’t just another Christmas tree lot.

After seeing a few pictures and watching the trailer I was sold.

When we drove up the boys were disappointed because we were in a parking lot. Though this may not have been the Hillenmeyer’s intentions, the location is genius. You start out in a parking lot thinking it can’t look much better inside and then you are transported to a magical Christmas land. It’s all very Narnia-esque.

Shannon and Joseph Hillenmeyer have done outstanding work building a Winter Wonderland in the middle of a busy street. Once you step inside you forget what’s going on around you. This place seems to have North Pole wish dust sprinkled throughout. The smell of pine and fresh hay, the beautiful chandeliers, happy families and couples, Santa’s sleigh, roasting marshmallows, and a warm cider in your hands all come together to bring you an experience you will want to share with all of your friends and family.

As soon as we walked in the boys found the marshmallows, of course. Joseph had already been tending to the fire and quickly learned they had never roasted marshmallows before! He gave them a crash course and that is something they will never forget.

We had so much fun that first trip. It was a quick one since I just wanted to check it out. As soon as we got in the car the boys begged to promise we would go back once a week and we’ve been doing just that.

We have been back multiple times now. They really enjoy being in that atmosphere. Roasting marshmallows, petting the donkeys and sheep, and of course talking to Santa!

The Santa at Hillenmeyer is the best Santa I have ever encountered. He is patient and fun with the kids and knows how to pose for a great picture while keeping the kids entertained.

I don’t have a single negative comment towards Hillenmeyer Christmas Shop. They’ve truly created a wonderful place. We look forward to spending many more days there as December continues and look forward to making this a part of our Christmas traditions.


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Some of the pictures of me were taken by the lovely Tiff Fannin from Bright on a Budget.

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